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Master Jung

6th Degree Black Belt – Certified by Kukkiwon

Over 25 years of experience – At Master Jung’s TaeKwonDo, we are dedicated to helping each student attain their personal best.

Certified by Korea TaeKwonDo Association & Kukkiwon Instructor

Master Jung recognizes the impact a good teacher can have on a student

Mexico International TaeKwonDo Championship

Gold Medal

Military TaeKwonDo Championship

Gold Medal

National TaeKwonDo Referree

Certified by Korea TaeKwonDo Association

Community Martial Arts Sports Coach

Certified by Korea Sports Ministry

Master Jung recognizes the impact a good teacher can have on a student. Classes offer the perfect blend of discipline and fun, taught with patience and enthusiasm. At Master Jung’s TaeKwonDo, we are dedicated to helping each student attain their personal best. Having completed his training extensively in Korea, as a member of various elementary, middle and high school teams. He was highly successful as a competitor and several times held the position of national champion. Master Jung is now directing his efforts to bringing the benefits of TaeKwonDo to the local community.

Master Jung Philosophy

Master Jung’s Philosophy

In each student, I believe in uncovering a harmonic balance between the forces of respect, humility and a healthy moral standard.  If balance between these forces is not achieved, disorder and failure is imminent.

The importance of respect could never be emphasized enough, as it’s the key to all healthy relationships in life, including between a Master and student.  Respect must also be applied to the individual; if the student doesn’t respect himself first, the ability to respect peers and authority figures is nearly impossible to achieve.  This can lead to the student lacking self confidence in himself and others, which often times leads to social exclusion.  The foundation principle of respect applies to all aspects of life.

I believe that humility is a very important foundation principle of life, and isn’t easily acquired and must consistently be exercised to improve.  Achieving success in TaeKwonDo must not increase self-confidence to a point of developing a feeling of superiority.  As students grow in technique and self-confidence, they learn how to demonstrate humility which ultimately leads to further individual growth.

When the student practices respect and demonstrates humility repeatedly I believe the art of TaeKwonDo and the principles of courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control, loyalty with an indomitable spirit builds and reinforces a healthy moral standard in each person.


Discipline For Success

We bring out your childs maximum capabilities, while reinforcing strong values.

  • Your child will learn self confidence, while strengthening an “i can do it” attitude.
  • With improved self-discipline you will see dramatically better home and social behavior changes.
  • We reinforce the art of listening, which is also a form of respect, which will have a positive impact on your child’s grades.
  • Your child will improve the physical conditioning, coordination and athletic abilities while ultimately having a ton of fun.
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Why Choose Jung’s Champion TaeKwonDo?

Personal Attention For Every Student

We know the impact a good teacher can have on a student.  Our instructors are patient and enthusiastic, while teaching with a perfect blend of discipline and fun. Every student receives personal attention – our instructors are dedicated to helping all of our students achieve their best.

Clean And Safe Facilities

We take pride in the quality of our Tae Kwon do schools.  Our facilities provide a clean and safe environment for our students and families

A Positive Learning Environment

We know what a big difference an encouraging environment can make. We welcome you to visit our school and experience this positive atmosphere in person.

Special Events During The Year

In addition to our regular classes, we host numerous events for our students throughout the year.  Key to every event is that our students and families have fun with a staff and organization they trust.

TaeKwonDo For The Whole Family

With today’s hectic schedules and technological distractions, TaeKwonDo helps families grow closer together.


Little Tiger Classes
Children ages 4 – 6 Years Old

Jung’s Champion TaeKwonDo offers a flexible schedule of specialized classes for children 4 and 5 years old.  The Little Tigers classes is perfect for helping younger children develop the skills and abilities they need most, Including:

  • Balance / Concentration
  • Coordination / Self-Confidence
  • Gross Motor Skills / Self-Control

Plus, the Little Tiger classes are non-stop action! Your child will run, jump, kick and punch their way to greater fitness and they’ll love every second of it!

Children Ages 7+ – Class
Kids Reach New Heights

Master Jung specializes in working with children.  Classes are divided by age and skill to provide the best possible match of teaching style to students’ needs.  All children are taught at their own pace to develop their present capabilities and bring out their maximum potential.

Let us help your child:

  • Develop self-confidence and an “I can Do It” attitude
  • Improve self-discipline for better behavior at home
  • Sharpen listening skills for improved grades
  • Improve strength, coordination, and athletic abilities
  • Have tons of fun in classes and at special events like training camps, tournaments and demonstrations.

Adult Classes
Gain a Healthy Body and Peace of Mind

Jung’s Champion TaeKwonDo offers adults a comprehensive fitness program with the added benefit of self-defense skills and an increase in mental and emotional strength.

Adult Students Enjoy:

  • Improved endurance, flexibility and strength
  • A healthy option for stress relief
  • Positive relations with enthusiastic and motivated people
  • Greater variety than traditional exercise programs
  • Self-defense skills and awareness for greater personal security

Family Classes
Grow Close Together With TaeKwonDo

Master Jung of today’s hectic schedules, many parents are looking for activites that allow the entire family to spend time together.  A unique opportunity at Jung’s Championship TaeKwonDo is the chance to attend class as a family.  Special times are reserved for parents and children to learn side by side.

Class Schedule

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